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PCM Consulting Services: Complete thermal management analysis and development of products for all industries such as electronics, automotive, shipping, aerospace, food, apparel etc, using Phase Change Materials of all kinds, hydrated salts, n’Alkanes, and other PCMs using state of the art tools. We can also help you with other thermal-related consulting services such as bioengineering and biomedical, energy conservation.

Other services include:

  • Technical, market, and commercial assessment and selection of suitable PCM’s from all types of PCM’s available
  • Development of new PCM’s
  • New and Novel PCM packaging concepts and developments
  • Economic assessment of PCM’s into your existing and new products
    Testing of PCM’s and Prototypes that contain PCM’s
  • Finding new ways to use PCM’s into existing and new Products
  • Any project that involves PCM’s and does not follow under product development.

Advanced Thermal Solutions has designed and developed heat exchanger systems that incorporate pcms for the thermal management of telecom and electronics systems such as data centers, enclosures, shelters, pedestals or any other enclosure that requires emergency cooling with no power input.

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