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We can bring almost instant heat to any applications using Supercooled Liquid Technology or Iron Powder Exothermic Technologies. Here is a brief background:

Supercooled liquids are liquid mixtures that can be cooled below their normal freezing point without changing phase or solidifying. Then, at the flick of button, the supercooled liquid is triggered to solidify (crystallize) almost instantaneously releasing large amounts of heat. In other words, HEAT ON DEMAND. This process can be repeated almost indefinitely if the product is well designed, making it ideal for many applications. PCM Thermal Solutions can help you with the design and development of products that incorporate supercooled liquid technology; in addition we can make and prepare supercooled liquids to incorporate into your products.

The technology can be used for many applications such as medical heating, food container heating, critical part heating, garment heating, etc. In short any application where electric or combustion heating is inappropriate, unsafe, expensive or unavailable.

Advantages of Supercooled Liquid Technology:

-Relatively Inexpensive
-A variety of triggering temperatures
-Large amounts of heat release
-Easy to incorporate into new and existing products

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