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Thermal Modeling Services

Design and Development of Thermal Management Systems using:

    • State-of-the-Art Thermal Analysis CFD Computer Software
    • Selection of the CFD and other Thermal Management Software
    • Enhanced Natural Convection, Pool Boiling, Spray Cooling
    • Heat Pipes Impingement Cooling Heat Exchanger Design
    • Phase Change Materials (PCM) PCM Heat Exchangers
    • Liquid Cooling Space Applications Radiative Cooling
    • Cryo/Cold Electronics Cryocoolers Cryogenic Research
    • Thermoelectric System Design and Development
    • Microchannel and Conventional Heat Sink Design and Development
    • Material Processing Modeling
    • Testing and Evaluation of Thermal Management Systems
    • Arrangement of Research Projects for Cooling of Electronics
    • Telecommunications INDOOR/OUTDOOR APPLICATIONS:
    • Central Office, NEBS, Card Cages, Racks, Shelves


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